6 Ways to Stay Fit When You Work in an Office

Whether your working at office, your home or some other place it becomes difficult to keep up with your health and fitness goals, the first thing you to need to do is to prioritise certain things and stick to it. With years I’ve learnt a healthier person is a better person at work. I’ve put together my top six tips for the working girl who wants to feel good and look good! Keep scrolling to know 6 life hacks for working women. 

1. Drink up : This is the most important tip! With deadlines, conferences and workload it’s easy to skip this tip, However, staying hydrated throughout the day can help keep your energy up, reduce headaches and allow you to be more in touch with your hunger sometimes when you think your starving, your just dehydrated, believe me! Extra tip: squeeze a little lemon into your water. It’ll taste great and give you some added benefits. 

2. Don’t skip breakfast :

This is a big No-No since your metabolism slows down when we sleep it’s important to eat few hours shortly you wakeup! A study showed skipping breakfast increases the desire to eat fatty food during lunch, if your a busy women keep your box central or instant oatmeal at your desk so you can eat while you work. 

3.Plan your meals : 

whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner you need to plan it out, this will save you from making bad diet decisions when your super hungry. Don’t laze on Sunday’s instead make a trip to the grocery store, and get your fruits and veggies Also, bringing your own food to work or cooking at home can save lots of money. which is an added bonus to your body. If you plan out your week or even days ahead of time, you’ll find it easier to stay on track.

4. Get a partner in crime : The buddy system always works! Having a partner with similar health and fitness goals can be a life saver, you’ll be more motivated! Whether it’s someone at your office, or just a friend that you can chat and text with, having a friend who’s working toward the same goals as you can really help you stay on track. For days when you want to skip your gym or workout class if you a friend it’s easier to push yourself through. 

5. Walk as much as possible : 

Try to walk in your lunch break, if you drive to work, park your car farther away, use stairs rather than escalators and elevators to burn those calories. 

6. Move around : It’s important to move/stretch every hour or two, how to do it? Instead of phoning a coworker walk to her desk! You can also try some workouts at your desk to keep it moving! 

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