7 reasons to stop wearing makeup everyday 

This article is for all the girls who love makeup and wear it on daily basis. I mean no disrespect, I just felt that I don’t need it on daily basis. On the contrary, going all natural made me feel more self-confident. here are seven reasons why you may want to go make-up free for few days a week.

1. It isn’t good for your skin : You may not be aware but most of the makeup you wear is toxic! Unfortunately, most of them do contain harmful substances that get instantly absorbed by your skin. For instance, popular cosmetics ingredients such as sodium benzoate, propylene glycol and a number of other acids (not to mention parabens and carcinogens) cause allergic reactions on most skin types. If you wear makeup all day, some of it will seep into your skin pores, causing them to enlarge and result in acne and blemishes. 

2. They age you faster : This can be a nightmare, your trying to cover your blemishes and stuff with layers of makeup and the whats the end result? You will end up speeding your ageing process and spending more on anti ageing products. My mother and grandmother both have AMAZING skin in their older age, all thanks to their disinterest with makeup! 

3. You will have more free time : On average women in the US apply 17 beauty products before leaving the house and spend around an hour to get their looks together. Another study showed that women around the world waste 474 days of their lives applying makeup. Think of all the time you could spend on doing something better? Like learning a new language, getting extra sleep or workout! 

4. You will learn to love your flaws : 

Learn to love yourself and embrace your flaws, this may be the biggest challenge but it’s all worth it. when you go makeup free, you’ll feel exposed as You are no longer hidden behind a fancy facade with all the pimples, freckles and other tiny defects you can’t tolerate disguised under a deep layer of powder. But do you want to know a secret? No one actually cares about it, No one actually pays attention to your tiny imperfections except you! You should stop treating them like “flaws” and think of them as your “specialty.” 

5. Naturally you look better than you think! : 

Instead of being annoyed with every single imperfection you have, realize that people will still love you regardless if you cover them up or not. Giving your skin a chance to breathe and be free is the best gift for your skin. God made every women beautiful in her own way! Embrace and love it! 

6. Makeup is expensive : 

Do me a favor. Grab your makeup bag/box, pull out your cosmetics piece by piece, and add up how much money you’ve spent on all those items. The amount will likely be INSANE! The less you use, the less you have to buy to replace it. Think of all the money you could save if you chose to go bare-face a couple days every week. 

7. You will start appreciating life on a deeper level 

Chasing trends and fighting to comply with social norms and beauty standards is exhausting. So is spending a huge chunk of money on beauty products in hopes they would make you feel “prettier” and thus “better,” yet leaving you feeling devastated instead. At the end of the day you have to remove all that makeup, and that’s your true self, don’t hide yourself! Remember, your looks do not define who you are. You are better than this and you are beautiful the way you are! Going makeup free takes courage, but it’s a rewarding experience indeed.

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