7 tricks for getting ready faster! 

Trying to figure out how to cut off time into half? Try these tips! 

1. Plan your outfits

I believe this is one of the most time consuming task, figure it all out the night before, you can remove your clothes and accessories and keep them handy. 

2. Make your hair at night : 

Wash your hair a night before to avoid time wastage or you can always dry shampoo if you skipped the your hair washing routine. another option would be sleeping in two twisted hair bun and wakeup with gorgeous looking curls. 

3. Skip the hot tools : Blow dry till your hair till damp, let your hair air dry, as hot tools can be time consuming! 

4. Wash your hair with a cleansing conditioner :

Want to cleanse and condition your hair at the same time? It’s now possible! thanks to the latest hair care concoction, aka cleansing conditioners. try cleansing conditioner instead and you’ll be done in minutes! 

5. Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel post-shower : 

Invest in a microfibres towel post shower, wrap your hair on top of your head, and allow it to soak up any excess water while you apply your moisturiser/makeup. since 80 percent of your blow-drying time is used removing the water from your hair, this simple step will cut your drying time in half and get you out the door quicker.

6. Use multitasking makeup : 

Use a BB cream that target multiple needs. Find your perfect match which moisturises, gives sun protection and provides good coverage! Skip all those steps with one cream! 

7. Skip a full face of makeup and just apply red lipstick : 

If you’re really running out of time,  apply some red lipstick says. “You’ll look like you spent an hour doing your ‘makeup’ when you spent only two minutes. Beauty with brains! 

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