10 ways to style your dungaree

Love the overalls trend? But don’t know how to pull it off? Thankfully we came across few fashion bloggers who nailed the look. The following pictures will guide you on how to wear dungaree and not look like a kindergartener. Remember style comes from within go ahead and do it your way! Keep scrolling! 

1. Get the 90’s look with White & Black : Not sure about colours? White and black always go well, her classic bellies and huge hate compliments her look, red lips just made it perfect! 

2. Add stripes : when in doubt add stripes, these staples fit well with almost any outfit, wear some leopard  heels and your all set. 

3. Ditch jeans try leather : Bored with jeans? Try leather! Leather always Rock whether it’s a date night, or parties! 

4. Shirt it up : 
Work women? Keep it simple with Simple with  shirt and accessories. 
5. Strippy tee : 
Loose fitted dungarees goes well with any sort of strippy t-shirt. 
6. Go casual : college girl? Style yours with black t-shirt and a sling bag. Perfect outfit for shopping, lunch or girls out. 

7. Jackets fix everything : Netted top, necklace and jacket is all you need to get some serious attention! 

8. Get the classic look with Polo necks : polo necks and overalls go hand in hand, any coloured would compliment your look! 

9. Denim on denim never goes wrong:fashion rule- denim is denims best friend forever! 

10. Add some Polka dots : Wardrobe essentials-polka dots, don’t hesitate to try I with your dungaree!

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