8 Nighttime Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Thinking you are doing it all right? Think again, today I’m gonna be talking about few of unknown habits which are ruining your bed time beauty routine. Stopping these habits can be really easy if only you decide to make an effort, let’s find out these issues now so you can stop them and go on living a more beautiful life!

Mistake #1 Not removing your makeup : Throughout the day all kinds of stuff builds up on top of your face (and the makeup you have on), making it the prime environment for bacteria to fester. This will eventually clog pores and end you up with breakouts, keep makeup removal wipes next to your bed to make it easy for those lazy nights. 

Mistake #2 Sleepin on your chest : This can be turnoff for those who sleep on their chest, sleeping on your chest can cause puffiness in your face and eyes, over time it can also cause wrinkles! Sleeping on your back and adding an extra pillow will help the fluids drain and prevent excess puffiness in the morning. 

Mistake #3 Not changing your pillow case : Your pillowcase is a breeding ground for oil, germs and bacteria please keep it clean, people! Wash it every week to stay away from unwanted breakouts! 

Mistake #4 Pulling Up Your Hair Tight: Sleeping with tied hair can cause your hair to have serious breakage, and in some extreme cases, you can encourage a receding hairline over time. Let your hair relax and be free while you sleep, if you notice lot of breakage, invest in silk pillowcases so you won’t break hair as you toss and turn in the night. If you can’t sleep with open hair tie your hair loose. 

Mistake #5 Checking your phone : Yes! We all do it, in order to sleep soundly you need to shut off all devices and keep it away, can be tough right?  Studies have shown that looking at a bright screen so close to your face less than two hours before you go to sleep puts your brain into a state of not being able to shut off. love saying goodnight to your bestie or B.F? your cell screen is full of germs and bacteria that can transfer to the skin on your face. All your PM cleaning can be waste, Instead, use the speakerphone option on your cellphone or limit phone conversations to pre-bedtime cleansing. 

Mistake #6 forgetting your hand : who doesn’t want soft beautiful hands, but it only works best when you apply hand cream + cuticle oil at night, as it has hours to restore moisture and do its magic, slather on hand cream and cuticle oil before you sleep and wakeup with better looking hands! 

Mistake #7 Skipping On Brushing And Flossing Teeth: This can cause some serious morning breath, also the food and sugar which you enjoyed last night can gift you cavities overtime and can be a serious problem, good dental health also helps you to look younger and brighter, brush your teeth ladies!  

Mistake #8 Staying Up Too Late: whenever we ask celebrities their secrets there is always one secret in the list “8 hours beauty of sleep” So simple right! But you enjoy Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Google, sleeping late comes with a price here comes the truth, it can lead to puffiness, uneven skin tone, bags under your eyes, increased appetite throughout the day. Do yourself a favor and slip into bed around the same time every night to avoid staying up too late.

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