7 ways to boost your metabolism 

While every body is different and metabolize in their own ways, there are a few surefire tricks you can rely on to rev up your inner calorie furnace. Boosting your metabolism may sound challenging but it isn’t as hard as you think! A little effort can give your metabolism a extra push, here are few tips to boost your metabolism! 

1. Go organic : 

Fruits, vegetables, and grains grown without pesticides keep your fat-burning system running, because they don’t expose your thyroid to toxins, Nonorganic produce, on the other hand, blocks your metabolism mainly by interfering with your thyroid, which is your body’s thermostat and determines how fast it runs. 

2. Eat breakfast : 

Skipping your breakfast is the biggest cause of a slow metabolism, that’s the worst thing u’ll be doing to your body! Eating a nutrient-rich morning shortly after getting out of bed literally wakes up your metabolism. Ideally oats, eggs, bananas, milk, fresh smoothie, fruits, brown bread are the best option. 

3. Sip on Green tea : 

A new evidence shows the active ingredient, catechin, may crank up metabolism. Researchers conducted a series of studies in dieters and found that those who went green lost more weight than those who didn’t. According to a study drinking upto five to eight-ounce cups of green tea a day, can increase your energy expenditure by 90 calories a day. Sounds tough job, it won’t be a issue if you drink it iced! 

4. Eat more, smaller meals :

Divide your meals up into smaller portions so you eat more often throughout the day, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. This way food will be digested faster ultimately helping your metabolism to go stronger. 

5. Avoid trans fat :

 You’ve heard trans fat are bad for you. But trans fats also slow down your body’s ability to burn fat and slows metabolism. Eating trans fat can also lead to insulin resistance and inflammation, both of which cripple metabolism and can cause weight gain. 

6. Add protein : 

Your body digests protein more slowly than fat or carbs, so you feel full longer, hence making it perfect for breakfast. And pumping metabolism. 

7. Morning workout : 

An early morning sweat-session will get your metabolism up and running and therefore burning more calories for the rest of the day. You can improve your burn by increasing how often or how hard you work out. 
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