How to beat belly bloat during your period? 

That awful week of pain and cramps that comes creeping up once a month. Mother Nature had to thrown in one more problem along with it, belly bloat! Being a women is not a easy job! While bloating can be a huge downer, we came across with simple tips to keep you bloat free during your periods. 

1. Drink fennel seeds :

Fennel seeds, which come from the fennel plant, are miraculous little gems for fighting water weight. Many cultures conclude their meal with fennel seeds because they help with digestion and prevent bloating, Just drinking the tea can help your body shed water weight, get rid of any digestive disturbances due to your period, and it actually helps restore your hormones since fennel is a fantastic source of phytoestrogens. 

2. Drink ginger tea : 

Ginger is a great way to fight bloating. It aids in digestion, nausea, gets rid of cramps and indigestion, and even headaches. Boil some water with fresh ginger root, add little bit of honey and lime to add on some more benefits. 

3. Drink water : 

While drinking water while you’re experiencing extra water weight may not seem like a good idea, water actually helps flush your system and rids the body of bloat. Water also helps relieve period-induced constipation, which is also a cause of the bloat. So sip to feel and look better! 

4. Walk each day : 

while you may feel lazy and your bed may seem your BFF but, Walking helps decrease bloating and moves things along in your digestive tract. It also fights water weight gain by increasing flow in your kidneys as well. Just 20-30 minutes will help you. 

5. Take probiotics : Another great idea is to take probiotics to fight bloating.Probiotics don’t just help with digestive issues, but also break down gas in the digestive tract, and help move things along. 

6. Eat your protein : 

protein is one of the most important meals especially during your period. Protein’s amino acid complex also slims you down and actually flattens your belly. You can get yours through eggs, fish if your a vegan you can consume soya, tofu, paneer or lentils  Now you know why those fit Instagram girls always take their protein seriously.

7. Yoga : 

Yoga is the best way to detox your body in the most gentle way, Doing just 10-20 minutes a day can help fight bloating from water weight, gas, and even other digestive issues. It also helps to fight stress, wear your yoga pants and get going! 

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