12 Hairstyles for fine hair women 

Dont worry you’re not alone! Actually there are tons hairstyle to cherish, some updo’s and downdo’s are designed for thin hair, let’s have a look at these super stylish hairstyles and haircuts to try out this season! 

1.Blunt bob : Long Blunt haircut creates illusion of fuller ends, a little blow dry skills and you can be a trend setter!

2.Textured Long bob : 
If blunt bob doesn’t work for you, textured bob is another option, it also helps to create some volume, and is in trend all over Instagram!

3.Long layers :  Myth : you can’t get layers if you have thin hair, fewer long layers will only add some volume and style!

4. Beachy waves : 

Who doesn’t love Beachy waves? They always manage to creates a illusion of fuller hair, besides they are always in trend! 

5. Voluminizing hair updo : A little bit of tease and a messy bun voila! The results are beautiful also the best type of hairstyle for office or date night! 

6. Top knot with bow : Top knots are so comfy! Perfect for any weather, and you can never go wrong with bow! Right? 

7. Messy half top knot : Bored of top knot? Reveal your boho side with a messy half top knot, they are made for fine hair! 

8. Angled bob with bangs : Angled bob created fullness in the back, blunt bangs are good for drawing attention to your eyes, this hairstyle can be a good option if your looking for a short hairstyle. 

9. Large braided crown : Braided crown is a must try! You can never go wrong with braid! As you loosen it, it creates a illusion of fuller hair, the best part? This hairstyle is approved for every occasion.

10. Losened braid : A tight braid will make your hair appear thin, lossened braid does exactly the opposite! It’s super simple to make and looks beautiful. 

11. Double Dutch fishtail braid updo : Updo’s are your best friend, this is another example, loosened fishtail adds volume to the updo.

12. Head band bun : Just a regular head band tuck in, but a great hairstyle for fine hair. And it looks super classy, go ahead and try some hair jewellery or a flowery band. 

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