Sometimes my hair gets flat and it looks thin, i guess many of us face it, for me it usually occurs in winters especially when the air gets colder, Lately I’ve been finding ways to add volume to my hair and here’s what I found, these simple tricks can boost some volume, have a look. 

1. Use the right shampoo : Harsh shampoo can strip your hair, making it even more flat. Maintain volume with a volumizing shampoo.  Use sulfate-free formula as it’s packed with surfactants that cleanse the hair without pulling it down.

2. Wash moderately : 

Many women like to wash their hair every day, as it’s more softer and manageable that way, but your hair doesn’t wants that, you could do more harm than good. Overwashing removes the natural oils in your hair, leaving it lifeless and flat. 

3. Blow-dry upside down : 

It’s easier to blow dry looking at the mirror but blow drying upside down will help you gain some volume as your breaking up your daily routine. 

4. Change your routine : 

If your hair is usually parted on the right, switch to the left. Do this every couple of days to prevent your hair from getting comfortable to one side. This will get you instant results. 

5. Use cornstarch : Cornstarch is your friend when it comes to absorbing oil from the roots and leaving your hair clean and voluminous. Try it in the form of a Dry Shampoo Spray or simply as a Volumizing Powder as often as necessary. 

6. Massage :Massaging helps strengthen the roots of the hair and nourishes the hair-shafts, promoting new hair growth and strengthening current hair. You can do it before or during washing your hair, or during a hot oil treatment weekly, massage into circular motions all over the scalp.

7. Use natural hair masks :

know your hair type and apply a DIY hair mask accordingly. Your hair loves natural hair masks. You can make an antioxidant hair mask with enrich with berries or green tea, or try some protein mask using eggs, yogurt or Avocado. 

8. Conditioning : condition your hair the right way to reap major benefits, use conditioner on your hair rather on your scalp. Leave it for a minute or two before you rinse it out. 

9. Rinse with beer :

 Heard rumours that beer is good for hair, now is the time to try it out! Yeast plumps up the hair shaft while hops and malt nourish and stimulate it. 

10. Cut it :

 For the best volume, go for shorter hair. The explanation is as simple, longer locks will make your hair weigh down while shorter ones will be bouncy and voluminous. visit a experienced stylist and problem solved! 

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