30 Beauty hacks every girl should know! 

These beauty hacks are personally tried and tested! And have made my life easier, and I truly believe every girl deserves to know it, keep scrolling to make your life easier! 

1. Instant bronzer: mix 1 part cocoa powder with 2 parts cornstarch.

2.DIY lip stain: lick your lips and rub Kool-Aid on them. Top with gloss and go!

3. Rub lemon juice on sweat stains before laundering to refresh white t-shirts.

4. Apply olive oil to your cuticles to soften them. 

5. Use coconut or olive oil to remove make-up quickly.

6. Apply a mix of baking soda and water to fade self-tanning mishaps.

7. Rest cool, damp green tea bags on your eyes for 5 min to reduce puffiness.

8. To soften feet, massage with coconut oil and wear socks to bed – 8 hours later, soft feet!

9. A dab of shaving cream can remove makeup stains from clothing.

10. Apply baby oil after shaving to prevent bumps.

11. DIY gel eyeliner: heat the end of a kohl eyeliner pencil with a lighter, cool 15 sec and voilà, gel liner!

12. Aloe gel frozen in ice cube trays makes a quick and soothing sunburn treatment.

13. Use hairspray or clear nail polish to stop a run in your tights.

14. Mix cornstarch with your favorite nail polish for a matte finish.

15. Olive oil makes a great over-night lip treatment for dry lips.

16. Wash your hairbrush every time you wash your hair to keep bacteria at bay.

17 Rinse your hair in cool water to lock in shine.

18. Apple cider vinegar diluted with water makes a pH balancing toner. 

19. A drop of peppermint oil in your lip-gloss will plump your lips.

20. Apply petroleum jelly to your pulse points before applying perfume; it’ll last longer.

21. Dry mascara? Add a few drops of saline solution to rehydrate it.

22. Warm your eyelash curler with a hair dryer to lock in your lash curl.

23. DIY lip-gloss: petroleum jelly + loose eye shadow. Mix & apply!

24. Give any lipstick a matte finish by holding a tissue over your lips and dusting translucent powder through the tissue to your lipstick.

25. Keeping nail polish cool in the fridge prevents bubbles when applying it.

26. Get fuller lashes by applying a light layer of baby powder between mascara coats.

27. Flat-iron braids to get longer lasting waves when you take them out.

28. Quickly dry nail polish buy immersing your finger tips in an ice bath.

29. Rinse your hair in cool water to lock in shine.

30.  Mix Vaseline with eye shadow to make a quick coloured lip balm. 

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