Haircut Trends to follow, as Told by Instagram

Instagram is the new fashion statement, a lot can be learnt from Instagram, lately we came across few haircuts which had high fashion standards. It’s never too soon for a new haircut, Let’s have a look at these must have  haircut trends. 

1. Blunt : A blunt bob is a great length for most women, also a easy length to take care of. Blunt with Bangs will also be a good option.

Photo: @KRISTIN_ESS | Instagram 

Photo : @RETROROSE | Instagram 

Photo : AARONGRENIAHAIR | Instagram 

Photo: @PEPAMACK | Instagram 

2. The Textured Shag :  This look is for girls who love to be natural, natural layers, bangs and waves. 

Photo: @DIEGO_FELIPECORREA | Instagram

Photo: @DIEGO_FELIPECORREA | Instagram

Photo: @SALSALHAIR | Instagram

3. Natural Curls with Bangs : This style is similar to textured shag, just big beautiful curls. It compliments any outfit and is in serious trend. 
Photo: @SALSALHAIR | Instagram 

Photo : @SARAHANGIUS | Instagram 

Photo: @TOMMY_BUCKETT | Instagram 

4. Mid length hair : concern about going short, this length can be ideal for you. Just grow out few extra inches this fall and get the perfect mid length hair. 



Photo: @MICHELLETAKEAIM | Instagram 


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