6 ways to shrink your pores

There are many reasons why your pores look the way they do. Things like genetics, skin type, exposure to sun, and age all factor run into the equation. the fact is, it’s impossible to shrink them. That’s what experts claim. While many of us complain about large pores and how we need to shrink them, The best way to shrink pores is actually to prevent them from enlarging in the first place! However there are ways you can make them smaller. 

1. Stay out of the sun : Sun damage will cause enlarged pores as it affects the collagen and elastin in the skin, thinning the area around pores and making them more visible. Also wear a sunscreen generously before you step out. 

2. Keep it clean :  

If you keep dirt, oil, and makeup out of your pores, you won’t give them a chance to stretch. Back heads are commonly caused due to large pores keep your skin clean to prevent them from forming. Cleanse your skin after a workout in the morning and before bed. 

3. Keep them unclogged : 

The best way to make pores look smaller is to keep them unclogged Clay masks are a quick and gentle way to wick oil out of congested pores. Apply a thin layer of clay mask till it dries and you will notice dots of oil appearing on the mask, that’s because the oil comes out. 

4. Deep cleansing :  

Trying to squeeze out blackheads can easily damage your skin and result in brown spots if you have a deeper skin tone. Try Cleansing Pore Strips are a good substitute that gives instant results. Using it more then twice a week can make your pores larger over time. 

5. Exfoliate with alpha hydroxy acids : Glycoloic acids specifically have been proven to break down dead skin cells and slough off the outer layer, revealing fresh new skin on the surface. 

6. Try retenoid : 

Using retenoid can keep your skin clean and make it firm over time. you can try Atralin gel it’s a superhydrating combination of hyaluronic acid and prescription-strength tretinoin. The gel can be used at nighttime under a moisturizer, it will keep skin smooth without causing irritation. 

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