7 teenage skin care tips 

Adolescence can be hard enough with all the physical changes you’re struggling with internally and externally. There are many factors that determine who will suffer from teenage acne, and I’ve yet to meet a teenager who doesn’t get the occasional breakout or blackhead. Genetics, hygiene, diet, and sleep can all influence teenage skin, but there are a few key ways we can help! 

1. Get better diet :

“we are what we eat” the food you eat greatly effects on the skin, natural food like fresh fruits, veggies are best for you, Certain foods produce inflammation in our body, and acne is inflammation. Avoid Processed foods, excessive dairy and refined sugars all should be consumed minimally when battling acne. 

2. Cleanse : During puberty oil glands can over drive and produce excess oil. The oil can easily produce clog pores when mixed with dirt, sweat, suncreen and makeup. Gel and foam cleansers work best for oily skin. Cleansing twice a day is important to keep skin oil and acne free. 

3. Go green : 

stick close to nature for beautiful skin, opt for natural/herbal makeup products/creams etc. For healthy skin avoid makeup as much as possible as makeup over acne can be messy. 

Tip – Use a concealer to hide a acne or blemish. 

4. Spot treatment : 

The best way to treat a acne is through applying acne creams every day till it diminishes, Retino A was my teenage cream. Clay masks are great at drawing out clogged pores and bacteria. You can also use products with alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or other rapid exfoliator whenever needed.

5. Hydrate :

Suprisingly dry skin can also cause acne, Bacteria can penetrate the skin through cracks and openings in the skin’s surface, Keep skin hydrated with a light moisturizer. Also drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy from inside. 

6. Hair care : When hair gets greasy from days without washing, it can migrate to the hairline, causing acne on face. Over washing can damage your hair, Wash your hair when your hair gets greasy. 

7. Seek help : If nothing works out, visit your local skin specialist for right guidance of products for your skin. 

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