How to grow your hair faster??

Growing your hair will take some time, don’t expect this article to be a overnight miracle for your hair, according to science, Hair typically only grows about a quarter of an inch — to a half an inch max in a month. That’s only possible if your eating healthy and taking good care of your hair. Let’s adopt some healthy habits to grow your hair faster and longer! 

1. Make friend with scissor :

Get frequent trims, it may not seem right but it is actually very healthy for your hair. haircuts don’t make your hair grow any faster, they get rid of split ends that break your hair. Eliminating the cause of breakage can help you to grow your hair faster. Also regular trims help to keep your hair shiny, smooth and voluminous.  

2. Apply oil/DIY hair mask weekly : 

The hair that touches your shoulders or beyond can be several years old and most likely needs more than a normal conditioner. Consider nourishing them with natural oil like coconut/olive/almond oil you can also combine the trio and give yourself hot oil massage, you can either keep it overnight or keep it atleast for few hours. Another option would be using natural DIY hair mask according to your hair type. 

3. STOP avoiding your conditioner : The hair gets thinner over period due to heat styling and colouring, Conditioner helps replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, as well as seal the cuticle to help prevent more damage. This will help you to grow your hair faster and stronger. 

4. DONT shampoo every day : The purpose of shampoo is to wash away dirt and product buildup, but it can also take essential natural oils that keep strands soft and healthy along with it. It is important to shampoo only when your scalp is dirty. Not everyday. 

5. Go green :

The best way to grow your hair is from natural products, opt for organic shampoo and conditioner, eat healthy and avoid chemical treatments. 

6. Consider hair supplements :

Just like your body the hair needs vital supplements for new growth. Look for a multivitamin that’s formulated and labeled ‘For Hair, Skin, and Nails, vitamins like biotin, vitamin C, and B vitamins that support hair health.” Bonus: You’ll get better skin in the process! (Consult your doctor before consuming any tablets)

7. Ditch cotton pillow case  Silk is easier on hair, it helps avoid tangles and breakage the hair glides easily when on a silk pillow case. The less breakage your hair experiences, the longer your locks will be.

8.   SAY NO to ‘juice cleanse’ : 

while Diet companies may try to convince you that a “cleanse” will turn your whole life around, and your body will get a natural detox! But it can have terrible effects on your hair days after the cleanse because you’re depriving your body of nutrients. 

9. Go heat free : while styling can get you the look you desire but along with that it is the biggest cause for breakage, dry, frizzy hair. Avoid heat tools as much as you can, if you do need it lower the temperature and ALWAYS use a heat protectant. 

10. Do a cold-water rinse at the end of each shower : Cold water lays down the outer layer of hair more smoothly, which helps prevent moisture loss, snags and heat damage you only need to do it for a few seconds, you will also notice your hair is more smoother with a cold rinse. This one extra step over time can make a huge difference.
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