6 ways to add aloe vera in your beauty routine 

Aloevera plant is been used since ancient times, it is a highly regarded plant for  medicinal and beauty use. The Egyptians used aloevera 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra and Nofretete greatly valued the nourishing juice and used it as a part of their daily skin and beauty care, The usage of aloe was regarded as the pursuit of physical beauty.  The best part aloevera is super easy to take care of and looks beautiful at home! 

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, aloe is an amazing choice to incorporate in your creams, masks or serums. Let’s have a look at 6 ways to use aloe in your beauty routine. 

1. Hair mask : Aloe can be great to promote hair growth, as it contains enzymes that help to remove dead skin cells that clog the pores on the scalp. They open the hair follicles which will help the nutrients to reach easily to the hair making it stronger and promoting new hair growth. 

Method : mix 1/2aloevera gel with 2 tablespoon coconut milk apply all over your hair, wash it off within 30-40min 

2. Face mask : Aloe is a perfect plant as it has anti ageing properties, aloe and lemons are enriched with vitamin C, Lemon has excellent exfoliant properties that gently remove dead skin cells, lemons are also has natural bleaching properties which helps in brightening the skin. while the aloe soothes and cools. It can also help fade pigmentation and acne scars.

Method : mix aloe gel with lemon juice, gently massage in circular motions and wash it off in 20min

3. Makeup remover : Aloe is one of the most gentle makeup, as it’s all natural and no chemicals your skin will thank you for it!

Method : mix aloe gel with olive oil/coconut oil, fill the the mixture in a small jar use it like a regular makeup remover. 

4. Shaving cream : Moisturizing your skin is essential since shaving can be harsh on your skin causing irritation and bumps. This recipe is sure to soothe your skin, As this all natural shaving cream recipe combines aloe vera, coconut oil, and essential oil for fragrance. 

5.  Anti frizz hair spray : Our hair gets frizzy in the hot weather due to heat! Aloe as polysaccharides which actually restore moisture to hair to seal out humidity and add shine. This spray is perfect to fight that frizz. 

Method : Mix 1 tablespoon aloevera gel with 1 cup warm water, for the fragrance add 5 drops lavender essential oil, pour the mixture into a spray bottle shake well before use. 

6. Eye serum :

As aloe works best as an anti ageing gel, go ahead and mix some aloe gel with vitamin E oil to get rid of fine lines around your eyes and moisturise your skin from inside out, use the mixture as a overnight eye serum for best results! 

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