10 beauty secrets of Japanese women 

Japan is a land of ancient culture, lots of tea and good food. Also the women are keen keeping their skin updated and beautiful, I personally believe for some reason Japanese women are best in fighting wrinkles! May be its their food, culture or some hidden secret! Luckily a Japanese friend uncovered a few beauty secrets, keep scrolling to know! 

1. You are what you eat : 

Japanese women don’t eat fatty, sugary foods, or lots of meat, they opt for foods loaded with natural vitamins! Lots of vegetables and fish is the part of their daily diet. They believe on the idea of “you are what you eat, rather than what you put on your skin” fish is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids, which help reduce the body’s production of the inflammatory chemicals involved in the ageing process. Now you know why Japanese women age so slow! 

2. Oiling : 

Oil is used in Japan for deep moisturising AND cleansing, the secret is to avoid mineral oil. Japanese women isn’t afraid of oiling their skin, they use natural Camellia Oil instead of water to remove makeup and cleanse their skin, and it’s regarded as one of the most famous Japanese beauty tricks. helping to fight the signs of ageing and restore moisture.

3. Green tea addiction : 

green tea is filled with anti oxidants, it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Green tea has many benefits on your skin, Japanese beauties love and drink cups and cups of green tea. 

4. Avoid sun exposure : 

As sun is the biggest cause of premature ageing, Japanese women DONOT step out of the house without a suncreen of 5o+ on top of it they are keen on using wide hats, or a special ‘sun visor’ to avoid any sort of sun damage! Smart isn’t it? 

5. Massage Your Face : Japanese women believe facial massages are the key to wrinkle-free skin. Face massaging is a part of their skin care routine, they gently massage the product into the skin. This anti-aging trick also helps to relax the muscles and improve circulation, which helps you to give yonger skin. 

6. Long baths are important : 

 Japanese women make steamy baths a part of their ritual. They believe skin calming before bed leads to more beautiful skin. Their long, steaming hot baths is enriched with oils, or essences. 

7. Cleansing is the key : Japanese women never neglect the face, it’s easy for any women to sleep with a face of full makeup! Japanese women believe cleansing is the most important skin care step, and it cannot be neglected. 

8. Exfoliation : 

Smooth skin is a highly regarded beauty trait in Japan, and is achieved with regular exfoliation, they use finely ground Azuki beans to buff away dead skin. They also use especially designed wash cloth to get rid of trapped dirt, this way there will be no barrier between your oils and serums which will be used afterwards. 

9. Go easy on makeup : 

for Japanese women less is definitely more. After all, they choose their products wisely and don’t cake it on. Makeup should be an add-on and enhancement to already flawless skin, not the main attraction. 

10. above all, beauty comes from within : The Japanese have a concept called “Mie-nai Oshareh.” This translates to “unseen beauty” – a beauty that does not have to be necessarily displayed to be seen. Your inner beauty is what matters the most! Have a beautiful heart, forgive easily, smile, be thankful to God, pamper yourself and stay happy because God made every women beautiful in her own way! 

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