7 Bollywood stars who embraced yoga for fitness and beauty

The 6000-year-old practice, Yoga, is still a cultural part of India and practiced throughout the world. Lately yoga is receiving a lot of popularity after the celebration of the international yoga day which was on June 21st last month. Yoga is art of living which helps you to balance your physical and mental life. It is a great way to relieve stress and have a healthy lifestyle. Yoga has been adopted by many Bollywood stars, let us find our b-town beauties who regularly practice Yoga and have been benefitted through it. 

1. Shilpa Shetty : 

Bollywood actress, mother of a baby boy, she is definitely a fit mommy! She gives all the credit to yoga! She also confirmed of practising yoga 5 times a week to stay fit and healthy. Instead of keeping her fitness secret to herself she released a CD of yoga demonstrating the right way to perform yoga asans. 

2. Kareena kapoor Khan :

few years back kareena shocked her audience with her ‘size zero figure’ it was for her upcoming movie and we DONOT consider size zero healthy! However her massive weight loss was a result of power yoga and strict diet. She is a fitness freak and is practising yoga over years. 

3. Lara Dutta : 

Former Miss Universe (2000) the dusky Bengali beauty Lara Dutta has been practicing Yoga for 12 long years. She has her own Yoga DVDs and YouTube Channel, named as HEAL. ‘HEAL with Lara’ is basically initiated to help the pregnant women to stay fit by embracing Yoga and Pranayam. 

4. Bipasha Basu : 

Popular Bollywood actress, Alps well know for her fitness, Bipasa’s beauty and secret of fitness is ‘power yoga’. She practices yoga-asana regularly to stay mentally and physically fit as well as energetic. She also advises the youths to perform yoga.

5. Malaika Arora Khan :

Secret revealed!! Malaika Arora Khan, is well known for her beautiful body, she is mother of 2 boys yet manages to have a sexy figure, she gives importance to Yoga and balanced dieting to stay fit and gorgeous. 

6. Twinkle khanna : 

The Evergreen Twinkle Khanna is also an ardent lover of Yoga. She is also included in the fit mommy list! Her daily fitness program includes various Yoga-asana. Now you know the secret behind those heathy bouncy hair! 

7. Ileana De’cruz : 

The new sensation of Bollywood, Ileana De’Cruz is blessed with a lean and curvy body, she keeps her body perfectly shaped and toned up through regular Yoga practices. 

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