How to look good without makeup? 

You can’t wear makeup at every situation, for example on beach, swimming, hiking, at home, boyfriends home and so on, so what’s next? How are your going to cover your imperfections at such situations. The truth is makeup is just a TEMPORARY fix! With use of regular makeup you’ll rnd up with unhealthy skin, acne issues, fine lines and much more. Instead of buying expensive makeup products why not do something for your skin which will actually make you look beautiful! 

Yes! it is possible to look good without makeup all you need is some effort. 

1. Exfoliate : 

Our skin has a layer of dead skin which makes it appear dull and tired looking, it’s important to strip it off to reveal fresher, cleaner and brighter skin. Simply buy a good skin scrubber and use it twice a week to see visible results. 

2. Moisturise : After exfoliating you need to moisturize your skin to keep and lock that moisture in and avoid rough and dry skin. Also it helps to reduce fine lines, moisturising is the first step to avoid fine lines and wrinkles! It’s important to moisturise daily for youthful healthy skin. 

3. Serums : 

Serums is a must have if you want your skin to look beautiful WITHOUT makeup. Use serums from time to time right below your mositurizer. Serum will boost the nutrition your skin craves! pamper your skin with a serum according to your skin type and needs. 

4.DIY Natural face mask : 

There are tons of all natural face mask to try! They are so cheap and the effects are so beautiful, your skin need different nutrients just like your body. The best way to provide it is through nature. Try DIY face mask for skin whitening (Click here)

5. Eat healthy : 

This is the most common and ignored tip, whatever you eat is going to reflect on your skin, eating healthy and clean will only help your skin look younger and glowing. Your nails will become stronger and eyes brighter. Your less likely to gain fat, what else do you want? 

6. Skin Supplements :

To see faster results you can consume tablets like vitamin C, E, Biotin or multi vitamins, this will get you beautiful skin within a month, consult your doctor before taking these supplements.  

7. Drink water : Water is just like a fountain of youth. If your ask any model or celebrity what’s their secret? Answer would be “I drink plenty of water” without water your skin will be dehydrated, dull looking and you’ll probably look older. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to look beautiful. 

8. Eye brow grooming :

If you want to look good without makeup you definitely need to groom your eyebrows. Eyebrows are a important feature on your face, and a well grommed eyebrows can make a huge difference on your face. We recommend grooming your eyebrows only by a professional. 

9. Eye lashes : A women with longer fuller lashes always looks beautiful, it creates a illusion of bigger eyes. You can use caster/vitamin E/olive oil at night to grow your  lashes. 

10. Whiten your eyes : 

Another tip from Tinseltown, whiten your eyes, this will help your entire face to look brighter and fresher, red eyes gives a impression of tired dull face. Quick fix – get enough sleep, this is the cheapest way to get whiter eyes and you can also use eye whitening drops to faster results.  They help to whiten bloodshot eyes by reducing the blood vessels. They also usually contain some lubricants to help with dryness as well.

11. Brighter smile : 

White teeth helps a lot to make you appear prettier, dental hygiene is very important not only for your teeth but also for your beauty. Every celebrity/model get their teeth job done to look and smile beautiful. Visit a dentist or try  DIY teeth whitening at home to look and feel beautiful without makeup. 

12. Dress well : 

Dressing well will draw attention from your face to your clothes, this will not only make you more confident but will make you appear more appealing. 

Tips to remember while shopping :

  1. Avoid over sized clothing, 
  2. wear clothes which fit you well
  3. Avoid tight clothes 
  4. Wear clothes which are in trend 
  5. Wear clothes which suit your body type 
  6. Don’t blindly follow fashion trends 
  7. Light Accessories always look good 

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