8 mistakes you’re making shaving your legs 

Every girl has different needs some stick close to waxing while some love shaving. If you ask me waxing is something which I totally love as the results are long lasting and my legs become silky smooth. But for days when you don’t have time and you need to wear adress shaving comes handy. Shaving is one of the cheapest quickest way to get rid of unwanted hair. But there are these small mistakes which majority of the women are making. Let’s master the art of shaving! 

1. Forgetting to oxfoliate : 

It’s very important to prepare your skin, start by exfoliating your legs with a sea salt or any good exfoliator’s to get rid of dead skin cells. Bonus! This will also help you get smoother legs after the shave. 

2. Shaving as soon as you hop into the shower : let your skin moisten before you lift your weapon! Wait for atleast 3 minutes or shave at the end of the shower for a easier shave. 

3. Not changing your razor : 

Don’t use disposable razors more than 5 times if you want to prevent nicks and built up bacteria.

4. Using water/soap to shave :

You need to get serious with your body! You’ll notice a difference between water and a good shaving cream. The nicks and cuts with be much lesser as compared to anything. And your skin will be more moisturised, that’s what you need the most. 

5. Using wrong technique : 

Follow these golden rules for extra smooth shave : 

  • Avoid shaving the area again and again in the same area. 
  • When you shave areas where the skin is thin gently make it tight, or bend your knees to make it easier to shave. 
  • Be careful over thin-skin areas like the ankles, backs of knees, and shins. These are extra prone to cuts and bumps

6. Going against the grain : If you have sensitive skin, try to shave with the grain downward, in the direction of the hair. Next, shave in the opposite direction to get all unwanted hair. 

7. Using the wrong moisturer :

A simple body oil is perfect as a after shave moisturer. Go ahead and use coconut oil/olive oil/almond oil. Your skin is very sensitive after a fresh shave it’s important to avoid suncreen, body spray, scented lotions at the moment. 

8. Shaving with your guy’s razor :

 A lot of women think using a men’s razor is more effective, it’s made for men for a reason. Don’t use mens razor or even your guys razor. Razor cannot be shared! Stick with womens pink razor! 

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