Tips for dressing like a French women 

Sometimes all you need is a wardrobe change without burning a hole in your pocket. Who doesn’t want to look like French girl? They are always stylishly comfy! Today’s article is all about making the most out of clothes and get those French vibes. 

1. Make friends with leather pants : 

The French are seen wearing leather pants, wear one with basic tees or this polka dotted loose fitted shirt. 

2. Mid heels : 

We all know the French love flats, but they also wear mid heels, opt for classic flats with skinny jeans or these cute mid heels to look like a Parisian. 

3. Graphic tees : 

Chill with graphic tees and skinny pants or wear a blazer with it. Style it with studded necklace and cool eye glasses. 

4. Over coat : 

Style trench coat with shirt on sweater, pointed heels and Ray-ban. Trench coat is somethings that never goes out of fashion in France.

5. Stripes t-shirt : 

Strips t-shirt and white blazer go hand in hand. Whether it’s strips t-shirt/top/dress wear stripes the correct way and look like a beautiful French women! 

6. French bangs : 

Go one step further by getter these staple French bangs! Not all French women have bangs but most have, getting a fresh new look can be a instant make over! 

7. Dungarees : 

Dungarees are the new thing! Originally inspired for the 90’s they look super stylish and comfy, wear one with crop top, stripes t-shirt or a plain white to rock like a French women. 

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