8 ways to nail no makeup look! 

To be honest I’m not very found of heavy makeup, I always prefer my makeup to be slightly on a lighter side. I wanted to switch my routine, from light makeup to no makeup look, it’s fun to try new things like a new hairstyle or a new makeup routine, as I get bored easily. Having your makeup on and to make it look like there’s no makeup can be challenging for many women, it may sound a bit tough but can be easy as you think. Let’s have a look on 7 ways to nail No makeup look! 

1. Exfoliate : As your going to use minimum makeup and most of your skin is going to be revealed its important to brighten it up, the quickest way would be using a gentle face exfoliator, herbal products work best for most skin type. 

2. Moisturise : Right after your exfoliate next step is to moisturise. If the weather is on warmer side it’s best to stick with a light day cream, or you’ll end up looking greasy by noon! Use a moisturiser/day cream according to your skin type. 

3. Brows : 

The truth is our eye brows are hugely responsible for defining our face, if you have light eyebrows there is no question you can skip it, but even if you have dark eyebrows you want them to look neat and polished. Start by plucking up those extra’s. Use a brow pencil to fill up any gaps, focusing on the arc of your brows. Avoid making them too dark oreslse you’ll end up look like Shin Shan (cartoon series I’m obsessed with) 

4. Lashes : 

As your focusing on no makeup look wearing fake lashes wouldn’t be a good idea. however you can enhance your natural lashes with a good water proof mascara. avoid making them too clumpy or dark, use double coats your water proof mascara to make your lashes look fuller and your eyes bigger. 

5. Conceal : 

Invest in a good concealer stick and apply only on areas you need the most, usually around the eyes. If your blessed with clear skin, go ahead and skip this step completely, use a light BB cream instead. 

6. Bronze : 

Bronzing helps your face to look more natural and sun kissed, make sure your dusting little powder on crown of your forehead, nose and cheek bones. The little the better. 

7. Cheeks : 

You can’t skip this when you want that no makeup look. Pink blushes work best with most skin tones, and looks beautiful in summers. Invest in a good pink coloured blush. Don’t go crazy with your blush, you don’t want to make it look loud. Just a few long strokes on your cheekbones, starting on your apples moving toward your temples.

8. Lips : 

My life would be incomplete without lipsticks, swap that dark red and orangy shades with light pink and nudes. Use a lipstick matching your blush or any light coloured lipgloss to complete your look. 
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