Cheesy Fries recipe 

I wanted to eat fries, but without regret, whenever I eat fries (which is rare) I always think of the preservatives and the oil I just consumed in minutes, I wanted to feel better! This is one of the best way to make fries at home with (LESS OIL and NO PRESERVATIVES) it will not be so crispy as the fries you eat outside as they are deep fried but still a better way to satisfy your cravings. Trust me they taste delicious and takes hardly 15min. let’s get started! 

Ingredients : (serves 1) 

  • Two large potatoes (sliced)
  • Oregano seasoning 
  • Salt 
  • Chilli flakes (optional)
  • Cheese of your choice 

Method : 

  • Grease some oil on a non stick pan, and spread it evenly all over it 
  • Warm the oil
  • Throw in your sliced potatoes 

  • Add your seasoning (salt+oregano+chilli flakes) 

  • Keep tossing every 1-2 minutes, cover it with a lid to allow it to cook 
  • It may take 10-15 min 
  • Remove it on a tissue paper to get rid of excess oil 

  • Top it with your favourite cheese, your guilt free cheesy fries are ready! 

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