10 Things Girls With Perfect Skin Always Do

Instead of admiring girls with perfect skin, it’s now time for some beauty work, there were some common things which girls with perfect skin always do, I mean always, keep scrolling to know more. 

1. They use the right foods on face : 

Using natural food on your face is the best thing you could do for your skin, indulge yourself with DIY home made face mask according to your skin type to brighten up that dull skin. 

2. They take dry brushing seriously : 

According to Miranda Kerr, she dry-brushes her body before showering because it “aids circulation and lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing also aids to reduce cellulite. Now you know exactly what to do. (Click Here to know more about dry brushing)

3. They don’t skip moisturiser : 

According to many models the one thing they never skip is their moisturiser, no matter what skin type you are find your mister perfect and use it daily! 

4. They exfoliate : 

exfoliating skin is the latest skin trend, from coffee, sea salt or brown sugar they always have time to exfoliate, which helps them to look polished always. 

5. They add ice in their beauty regime : 

Ice tightens your pores and makes you feel super soft, smooth and fresh, it also acts like a natural blush as it makes your cheeks rosy, Now you know why rose (Titanic)submerged herself  into the icy water!

6. They always use SPF : 

We all know the importance of SPF, but are you ignoring SPF on cloudy or rainy days? Well that would be the biggest beauty mistake, no matter what climate it is, sun is going to be where it usually is! And can cause harm even on cloudy or rainy days, you need to apply SPF every time you step out of the house. 

7. They remove makeup before bed :

No matter how lazy they feel they alway wash their faces before bed. Sleeping with your makeup can be harmful for your skin, remove your makeup, wash your face, apply a night cream before bed, enjoy the results! 

8. They Use the Right Products for Their Skin Types : 

This is one of the most basic and simple routine, no matter what skin type your, every skin needs care. Myth – oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser,WRONG!! (Oily skin needs oily free, moisturiser) 

9. They have organic solution : 

The truth is more closer your with nature the more healthier your skin will be! As other stuff contains hell lot of chemicals! Opt for organic facewash, cleansers, exfoliator’s, home made face mask etc. 

10. They use minimum makeup : 

Sure makeup makes you looks beautiful, but do you know what trauma it causes your skin? There are tons of sideffect of makeup, the worst is premature ageing! Ofcourse use your makeup bag, but don’t make it a everyday routine, give rest to your skin, why not just hang around with a moisturiser-SPF-compac-lipstick? It’s worth a try.

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