12 ways to organise your wardrobe 

Do you have a wardrobe messed up with clothes? Yet you say, “I don’t have anything to wear” this article is for you! Today I’m gonna be sharing 12 ways to organise your clothes! Keep reading for having a hassle free life! 

1. Step 1 : 

remove everything out! I mean everything, don’t argue! Just do it. 

2. Ask yourself : 

  • Do I like this? 
  • Will I wear it? 
  • Does it fit me? 
  • Is it outdated? 

If the answer is NO to most of the above questions it’s  time to get rid of it, either donate it, sell it online, use it to clean house or tuck them in a box and do it later. Now your workin with clothes you genuinely need.

3. Make sections : 

  1. Favourite Clothes (most used)
  2. Less favourite (used less)
  3. Party wear 
  4. Winter wear 
  5. Gym wear 

Make such sections and according keep your clothes, this way you’ll have a better idea of what’s where. You can use pretty boxes, hangers, or display your collection.

(Tip : Roll your clothes to save extra space) 

4. Get slim hangers : 

For girls who have lots of clothes these hangers are a life savers, they definitely get you extra space for your extra clothes. 

5. Use dividers : 

You can make your drawers look pretty and well organised by these drawers dividers, and place your socks, bra’s, panties, stockings etc here. 

6. Use closet doors as storage : 

you can either hang your shoes, jewellery or bags for extra storage. 

7. Use your bed storage : 

Make more room in your closet by storing out-of-season clothes in boxes or under the bed.

8. Use suitcases :

Decorate your bedroom in a wise way, store bedsheets, linen, winter wear in suitcases. 

9. Organise shoes :

Use racks, boxes, cubbies, tiered shelves or a hanging organizer to sort shoes.

10. Use floor space :

Line shoes under your clothes, or invest in a shoe rack that fit your space. 

11. Get right with jewellery :

You can use hanging jewellery photo box or jewellery hangers to organise your jewellery. 

12. Get hooks : 

Get hooks inside the closet for hanging bags, scarves, hats for saving extra space. 

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