10 exercises to do at home  (No Equipment) 

I am a fitness lover and I make sure to workout  atleast 6 days a week, but there are days when i just don’t want to go gym or I’m too busy to go gym, there are many excercise which can be performed at home, and it does not require any equipments, let’s have a look at 10 exercises to do at home. 

1. Jogging :

This is a perfect cardio at home you just need a pair of sport shoes and good music! Jogg standing in one place for 15-20 min for a good cardio session. 

2. Squats : 

This is another very popular workout for toning your legs it can be performed anywhere, 15 reps of 4 sets can get your heart pumping! 

3. Jumping squats : 

This workout also targets the legs but it comes under strength training, this is similar to squats only your jumping while squatting. 

4. Burpee : 

This exercise comes under cardio, and is a perfect way to strengthen your body and feel the burn, performing 12 reps for 3 sets will tone your overall body. 

5. Push ups : 

This is a strength training excercise, if it’s too difficult to performe push-up you can bend your knees then do like a regular push-up and gradually your strength will increase. 

6. Abs excercise : 

There are tons of excercise targeting abdominal area you can performe plank, crunches, leg raises etc. 

7. Butt excercises : Tone your Butt with these easy excercises, they do not require any equipment you can perform lunges, kick backs, donkey kicks and hip raises. 

Donkey kicks 
Hip raises


8. Dancing : 

play your favourite music and dance your heart out, this is one the best way to do cardio at home. 

9. Stair run : 

Make stairs your cardio partner! Run on your stairs couple of times to burn fat all over your body. 

10. Side ways stair run :

This is just like stair run the only difference is your running side ways, this excercise also comes under cardio section. 

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