How to make a statement with white denim? 

There is no doubt white is the colour depicting royalty, no wonder angels are always dressed in white! Let’s go white this summer, usually white denim needs a lot of care as it may get dirty quickly, however this summer white denim is a necessity let’s have a look at these bloggers and celebrities who made a statement in white jeans! 

1. Peach shirt : 

The peachy pink colour looks amazing with white. you can never go wrong with golden jewellery while wearing white, this women proves it! 

2. Stripes : The stripes always pops you in the crowd especially when it’s summers, stripes and white goes hand in hand. 

3. Nude shade : 

           Love nude shades? Wear a nude colour top with matching shoes with white, the brown bag compliments the outfit.  

4. White blazer : Working women? Dare to wear all white in your office! Beware! This look can get you a lot of attention! 

5. White tunic : Kendall Jenner was seen wearing super long tunic with white pants, you can also opt for long white/colourful kurti with white. 

6. Blue shirt : Light blue jeans shirt with white jeans is a staple. 

7. Crop top :Go cool with a crop top and sneakers! 

8. White on white : White on white is a staple for many celebrities! See through top with those killer studded heels makes her look effortlessly stylish. 

9. Office chic : Another office wear look inspired from model Kendall Jenner, the red lips and those silver shoes are to die for!! 

10. Printed tee :Rihanna looked amazing in her casual look, super large earings the cap was perfectly blending with her basic tees and heels! 

11. Stripped Off shoulder : I’m in love with the top! Off shoulders are 2016 fashion essential why not try it with white pants? 
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