7 Beauty secrets of French women 

 Beauty lies within and a beautiful heart is the best beauty in my dictionary, whenever we talk about beauty French women always comes in mind, their beauty depends mainly on their food habits, culture, and beauty regime let’s have a look, 7 beauty secrets of French women. 

1. They go easy on makeup : 

For a French women beauty means being themselves, they embrace their natural beauty and their makeup is always light, subtle and simple. If you want to look like a French girl go easy on makeup.

 2. They love food : 

 French are known for food, they are a big time foodie, but they eat in moderation, that’s why most French women have a sleek and fit body. they use the best of quality food avaible, and enjoy their meals with family. A French approach to food is eat well, but in moderation. 

3. Maintenance starts now : If you notice the magazine or Television commercials are full of anti ageing products targeting mature audience. The French women starts preparing herself right when they are teens, a beautiful skin is all about preparing and maintains right from the start and enjoy later! 

4. They enjoy life better : 
 Paris is all about love and peace, where as the other side of the globe people are rushing and don’t have time to relax and are mostly stressed out, stress is the biggest cause of pre-mature ageing. While French take it easy, they take pleasure in enjoying life. Whether is beautiful places in France or a long walk with a friend, sit back relax and don’t forget to enjoy your life. Don’t figure out all at once! 

5. They don’t blow out : French women love their hair, they always prefer to wash hair only when required, no daily shampooing, as they believe it will strip off natural oils which is true! Also after a wash natural air dry is a part of their beauty regime, they don’t blow dry, the French approach to beauty to simplicity. And simple beauty regime. 

6. They watch their Diet : 

 Good skin is the result of good food, I’ve noticed French girls hardly gym, the reason is they usually walk around, walking is one the best way to burn off those extra calories and to look fit, rather than going on extreme diet it’s better to eat natural and healthy cut off sugar and friend food, much on fruits and veggies for that long lasting healthy glow. 

7. They prefer cold showers : 

Most French women prefer luke warm showers rather than long hot steamy showers. They use Luke warm water and end it with a jolt of cold water to tighten pores and enhance blood circulation. 
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