For those who are unaware Alia Bhatt is British Bollywood actress, This cute looking young actress owns upto 6.5m followers on Instagram, with only a age of 23 she managed to conquer lakhs of fan following throughout the world and is looked upon as a fashion icon through her good taste of clothes. She has always been my fashion model let’s have a look. 

1. Crop top set :  This outfit is perfect for summers, she is always seen in simple attire yet looks so chic! The hairdo is so stylishly cute. 

2. White Dress :  This gorgeous summer Dress is from Hemant and Nandita, the dress looks so comfortable, also her short her is perfect for avoid any summer mess! 

3.  Short suit :  This is my favourite, full suit is so mainstream try these super stylish and comfy short suit, the colour and the quoted tees look effortlessly stylish. 

4. White on white :  White attire have always been a summer staple, Alia rocked her white on white attire in Delhi, also her hair do, minimum makeup and created a lout Boom! 

5. Coca-Cola skirt :  Alia looked amazing in her custom made Coca Cola skirt, now this is a visual proof that any print can look fab on Alia!

6.  Military print :  Military prints are back again, I guess the dress is made from jeans fabric, looks like we need to stock up some military prints. 

7. Ripped jeans :   Who said only tees looks good on ripped jeans? Her classic blue top made the perfect match, also to mention those multi coloured heels are to die for! 

8.  Learn your basics :  Alia rocked her Basic black dress from H&M with a cute little hair bow and vintage brown shoes. 

9.  Spread Love : Alia was seen wearing a Zadig and Voltaire dress gifted to her on her birthday. she is definitely spreading love thorough her cute attire! 

10. Summer staples :   This outfit is so perfect for hot summers! She made a stunning appearance in her classic white shirt, light blue shorts and those glittery not-basic comfy shoes. With all her stylish outfits there is one thing in common her “comfort zone” she wears comfortable clothes and makes them look wow! 
Image sources : Instagram


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