How to style workout wear! 

I was wondering why not workout in style? Whichever workout you prefer the following images are workout fashion inspiration approved by celebrities, let’s have a look. 

1. Miranda Kerr : former Victoria secret model and a mother was seen wearing these basic gym wear, yet she looked gorgeous, go sleeveless this summer!   

2. Gigi hadid : Looks like this super model dress likes a model even in her gym! He outfits were simple yet making a loud statement. 



3. Kendall Jenner : American supermodel and also a kardarshian sister is always in talks because of her dressing sense, a crop top with a Basic black leggings is a summer staple and a necessity! 



4. Rihanna : I really love her crop top and pants sent! Grey is always the perfect colour for gym wear. You can never go wrong with grey.  

5. Salena Gomez : This was her photo shoot pictures for adidas neo, but these clothes were too stylish for gym, she made managed to make gym wear look so sexy and a must hav! 



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