How to style fanny pack with your outfit! 

For those who are anaware, fanny pack is a small bag tied across the waist, in the past it was usually used by tourist and was considered unfashionable and geeky, however things have changed now and many celebrities are seen wearing these bags, fanny pack is back again! let’s have a look on how to wear fanny pack with style! 

1. Jeans : You can definitely wear these with a any pair of jeans. This girl makes it look like like a necessity. The animal print looks awesome with a black and blue combo. 

2. Shorts : Going for a music concert? This fanny back can be handy, you can store small things like your phone, lipsticks a chocolate and it looks super cool.  

3. Dress : Sarah Jessica Parker nailed her look with this comfy channel fanny pack and is a inspiration to all women out there.   


4. Shirt belt : This one is a miniature belt Louis Vuitton pack and it pairs perfect with her black shirt.  

5.  White shirt : The white shirt looks bang on with this cute looking moschino pack also the huge scarf and plum heels enchances her outfit!  

6.  Skirt : Love girly floral skirts? Well this ones for you. I really love the color of this fanny pack it’s very unique and I guess silver blends well with almost any coloured outfit.   

 Plain dress : 
This dark grey dress definitely makes a statement with this basic black fanny pack.  

8. Polka dots : This outfit is chosen so stylishly the shirt and skirt matches perfectly that cute little channel bag with pointed heels is a perfect summer outfit. This outfit will get you some serious attention in the crowd.  

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