7 ways to nail cargo pants 

Cargo pants are back in fashion, I’ve always loved these pants they are slightly different from the regular jeans as the fabric is somewhat cotton, it has pockets in the sides. What I really love about cargo jeans is the dark green colour, however they also come in grey colour. It is really uncomfortable to wear jeans in this hot summer, cargo pants have a softer,thinner fabric and can be easily worn in summer. Jeans are so mainstream lets go cargo!! 

1. Crop top : 

  Gigi hadid got some serious jaw dropped by this look, crop top looks amazing with cargo pants, the long cotton cardigan was a cherry on the cake. Those shoes are stunning! 

2. Grey connection : 

 who thought a grey top would blend perfectly with green cargo pants? Well, here is the proof! These grey flats were a perfect combo and a must have for summers.

3. Beige top : 

 This is my favourite colour to merge with a cargo pant, they match to perfection and looks effortlessly stylish.

4. Green Shirt :

 The dark green shirt looks mind blowing with these muddy pair of cargoes, the accessories further enhances her entire outfit. Also to mention the heels are to die for! 

5. Checked shirt : 

  This is beyond my fashion imagination, checked shirt can look goo with cargo pants how unrealistic right? Wrong! It looks stunning, the bag and watch looks is so classic. This could also be a perfect outfit at work, for working fashionista’s. 

6. Dark green tee : 


Red lips, dark green tees, black leather jacket, she looks like a boss! Some serious fashion inspiration. The hair bun is so perfect for the outfit. 

7. White top : 

 This outfit is so perfect, what I really like about is the combination of brown bag and shoes, what a wise choice of colours! Also the loose cardigan and the scarf gives her the celebrity look. 
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