There is no excercise through which you can loose the fat only on your thigh area, spot reducing fat is a myth and doesn’t really work, when you workout your burning fat on your overall body, however there are strength training exercises which target on a certain muscles, the following tips are given on my (personal experience) and if followed throughly you will notice desired results. 

1. Cardio :

 Cardio is the ultimate solution for all your problems, any workout which rises your heart beat is cardio, like running, jogging, biking etc. To reduce those unwanted fat, one needs to perform cardio alternate days atleast 4 times a week. This will help you to loose overall body fat and will help you in toning your thigh muscles. 

2. Incline is the new thing : 

 Go hiking or climbing or higher the level of incline on your tread mill to feel the burn on your thigh area, the more pain you feel on your thighs while walking on a incline treadmill the better it is to loose those extra pounds. 

3. Leg excercise : 

  There are many excercise to perform, to get leaner tonned legs one need to target on areas like quads, glutes, hamstrings  DONOT lift heavy as it will only bulk up your thigh muscle! to get leaner legs it’s important to lift LESS weight with maximum repetition atleast 15-20 per rep. 

For example: if your doing squats it’s advisable to use a empty rod or the lightest weight you can add, with a repitition of 20 of 3-4 sets. (For beginners 12 is fine you can gradually increase later)

4. Fuel it up : 

  The biggest and the most important meal of the day is breakfast, DONOT skip it. Having breakfast fuels your body with energy required to keep going for the entire day, it’s important to eat a breakfst filled with good carbs and protein to, it also makes you feel feeling full for longer and can boost your cardio time! Eggs and oats are the perfect breakfast meals as eggs contains protein and oats carbs. 

5. Snack attack : 

  Eating often can prevent you from extra fat, it helps you to keep you in shape and prevents you from over eating when you’re hungry. You can also have planned small meals for your day to boost your metabolism and get you a flatter stomach. 

6. Green tea : 

green tea is often used in reducing belly fat, but it also helps to reduce overall body fat, this doesn’t mean working out is not important, green tea works best when you are following a clean diet and regular cardio and exercises. Along with this drinking water on regular interval will help you flush out toxins and extra pounds. 

7. Adequate sleep : 

 Sleeping atleast 7-8 hours is important for a human body to function efficiently. This will help to stay energetic not only at work but will also boost energy when your doing your cardio. It also helps to control your food cravings. 

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