10 things you should never use on your face! 

The Internet is filled with skin DIY’s try, some of them are helpful, but not ALL, there are many ingredients which can cause more harm than good, today I’m listing down a few to save your skin from irritation, skin dryness and other severe skin allergies and damage. 

1. Sugar : 

 This is the most common DIY ingredient, it’s often used in home-made facial scrubs, there is no doubt that this DIY is a excellent natural exfoliator for your body, but using it on your face? I would say a big NO! Facial skin is far thinner than the rest of your skin, it is just too rough for your facial skin, while it may provide smooth-feeling skin, it sharp edges are actually creating tiny tears that damage and prematurely age the skin.

2. Baking soda :

 We all heard about the NO-POO method for many it worked well, but why would you try it on your face?? pH balance is incredibly important to the health of your skin, which has a natural pH of roughly 4.5-5, while baking soda has a pH of 9. While the ph level of this common household item is way to alkaline to be used on the face, and can cause a major moisture loss.

3. Hair spray : 

  A pinch of Hair spray is used on face as a makeup setting spray, most hairspray when contacted with skin can cause skin irritation or breakout, using it on face would be skin putting your skin on risk, opt for products which is made to set makeup. 

4. Hot water :

  Hot water softens the natural oils of the epidermis and strip away the barrier that prevents moisture from escaping the skin, leading to dryness and imbalance. Hot water feels great and relaxing but can strip off the moisture from face, Always use lukewarm water rather than hot, especially in the winter, when your skin is already more prone to dryness and itchiness.

5. Rubbing alcohol : 

  Rubbing alcohol is an antibacterial disinfectant used to sterilize wounds to avoid infection used oftenly to clean house. alcohol is one of the most drying, damaging ingredients you can put on your face. It dissolves the DNA of both bacteria and human skin cells, leading to dryness and buildup of dead skin cells. It’s important to check your toners ingredients before purchasing, avoid astringent and toners which contain isopropyl alcohol, which will only strip the skin and lead to further clogged pores and excess oil production, and more oily looking face. 

6. Body lotion : 

  It’s common to use body lotion on face as facial moisturizer, but the skin on the rest of the body is thicker than the skin on face, body lotions contains fragrance and less nourishing ingredients than a facial moisturizer, it is ALWAYS advised to use products which are made for face. As ingredients in body lotion can cause dryness, dullness, clogged pores and your more likely to come across a allergic reaction. 

7. Petroleum jelly : 

 This is like a super product, it is perfect to extra dry skin, skin irritation due to dryness, cuts, bugs bites etc but this isn’t the permanent solution for your skin problems, it does makes skin smother but it only retains the skin moisture along with the dirt and debris which is already on you skin, this will only cause bacteria buildup, breakout and clogged pores, again the moral of the story is use products which are made face. 

8. Hydrogen peroxide : 

  hydrogen peroxide can burn your skin due to oxidative stress. Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide is also a common allergen that can result in inflammation and, again, burning of the skin. Hydrogen peroxide is one the best ways to prevent infection when it comes to injuries like cuts and burns, but is not safe for your facial skin. 

9. Lemons : 

  Applying lemon directly to your skin irritates and disrupts the acid mantle. The oils in citrus fruits is phototoxic, irritation and chemical burns can occur during a sun exposure, many DIY’s are shown in which lemons are used directly on the face, but lemons are too acidic for your face it contains a ph level of 2 which is highly acidic and definitely not recommended on your face.

10. Tooth paste : 

  This is a common quick fix on kitchen burn and zit, however it may cause more harm than any good! Toothpaste is full of ingredients which are drying and harmful for your skin, it may dry out a zip but can suck up all the moisture on the surrounding areas leaving a dark blackish scar which you may not able to fix with any product. Switching to a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment or even a dab of tea tree oil would be a better solution. 

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