Summers are going to be hotter, it’s important to take care of skin in this rough weather, every skin has different needs, whichever skin type you have these tips are going to be help you, in summers you need to skip all of your heavy moisturizer to light serum it also depends on your skin type, to start first know your skin type, if you have oily skin opt for products which are water based, if you have normal to dry using a light moisturising serum would be helpful, however skipping this step is not recommended, keep scrolling to know more. 

1. Cleansing :

  As the weather is greasy and sweaty you can cleanse your face twice, morning and night however washing it more than this will suck up all of the skin moisture and get you a dry, dull face. 

2. Toning :

  I’ve always believed nature is a gift, and always recommend products which are herbal, investing into a good herbal toner can be a life saver, use toner on your t zone to prevent that oily looking face. 

3. Serum :  

it’s time to say goodbye to your rich moisturising night cream, it’s not needed, all you need a good night serum which provides enough moisturization and is lightweight. 

4. Eliminate excess exfoliation : 

  Removing off the dead skin the reveal brighter and softer skin but your skin becomes sensitive in the sun, and more prone to sun damage stick to a gentle scrub with smooth particles. You can exfoliate once a week. 

5. CC is in : 


Everyone knows about bb cream but summer time essential is the CC cream which stands for color correction, this multi tasking cream includes lightweight makeup, hydration, broad spectrum UVA/UVB and skin toning ingredients, if your going outdoors it’s important to use a broad spectrum formula with SPF 30 or higher then use a CC cream over it. Read reviews of Lakme CC cream (Here)

5. Reapply suncreen : 

  This is the most important, you’re suncreen is not going to stay forever, it’s important step reapply you’re suncreen every 3 hours, to prevent sun damage, tanning, skin ageing etc. Use a matte suncreen for a oil free face, I use Neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock, SPF 50+ read reviews (Click Here)

6. End with Cool off face masks : 

Nothing is better than a cool off face mask  DIY face mask, there are tons of Face masks to try, indulge in one at the end of the week, you’re skin will thank you for it, opt for natural home made face masks or herbal products like Multani mitti, aloe vera cucumber. To read reviews of Multani mitti face pack(Click here). To read Reviews on Neem, aloe vera, cucumber face pack (Click here)

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