How to rock boyfriend jeans?

  Boyfriend jeans are the new trend in the city, I’ve seen many opting for these super comfy piece of fashion, what exactly is boyfriend jeans? They are a pair of jeans which comes slightly on a baggy side, however it’s is not too baggy, they are usually ripped, the very idea of boyfriend jeans have been stolen from mens jeans, they are definitely the most comfortable pair of jeans in the fashion industry as they are looser than the regular fit, the best part of boyfriend jeans is that it can flatter any body type, and gives you that instant street look effortlessly. Skinny jeans are unquestionably favourite but sometimes change is good. Now the question arise how do I rock boyfriend jeans? keep scrolling to know more!  

1.over sized Blazers :Over sized Blazers balances that rough look and helps you look more sober, a blazer further enhances your jeans and helps you appear stylish and sleek. You can also opt this look at work. 

2. Long cardigan : A long cardigan can get you that boho look, inspired from the coachella festival, boyfriend looks amazing with long plain, printed or even netted cardigan have a look.

3. Crop tops :crop tops are perfect for summers, they also blend well with boyfriend, you can pair along strappy heels, pointed bellies, flats or even slippers all your going to blend well. 

4. Basic tees :you can also wear boyfriend jeans with any basic tees, this can be a perfect Summer street outfit, these jeans are so flexible that you can wear snickers or heels, both are going to look chic.

5. Loose shirts :  Many fashion bloggers around the world are wearing boyfriend jeans with loose shirt and it looks amazing. Pairing it with a watch and some bracelets and make pop you in crowd.

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