7 effective ways to get rid of dark circles

Dark circles can effect anyone and can occur due to various reasons, most common of these reasons include hereditary, stress, lack of sleep, unstable lifestyle, ageing etc, it’s important to takecare of them at first when you notice them, as it will be easier for you to reduce them, there are many natural ways to reduce their appearance, I’m listing down a few below. 

1. Meditation : 
  Some say it’s a myth, stress has nothing to do dark circles, either way meditation is not only good for your body and skin but also it rejuvenates and provides peace to the soul, there are so many forms of meditation like performing yoga, reading your religious book, doing so will get you a balanced  life and help reduce those dark circles. 

2. Tomatoes : 

  Tomatoes are an excellent source to remove dark circles it is believed regular consumption of tomatoes can reduce dark spots, you can either eat fresh tomatoes daily of juice them.

Method : take fresh tomatoe juice/pulp add lemon juice to it and apply on the affected area for 20 min, wash it off with water. This process can be repeated twice daily for faster results. (If your skin is too sensitive for lemons you can skip it, lemon is a natural skin bleacher hence it is used in this method) 

3. Tea bags : 

  This is another very common and effective method, soak green tea bags in water, refrigerate till its chilled, now place the bag over your eyes and relax for 10 min, wash it off with water. This will also help to reduce puffy eyes.

4. Orange juice : 

  Oranges have always been skins best friend, you can also apply this all over your face, to see desired results it’s important to apply this every day for 20min. You can also consume vitamin C tablets everyday for faster results. 

5. Potato juice : 

 when it comes to dark circles potatoes have been used since ancient times, this is also a effective method, apply some potato juice under your eyes, wash it off with water after 20 min for best results repeat daily. 

6. Use Retinoid :

 Use dark circles cream which contains retinoid concentration, as the skin around the eyes are sensitive it’s important to choose a cream which is low in retinoid to be precise it should be 0.02, this will remove dark circles by replacing old skin by shedding it off, however it won’t irritate your eyes. 

7. Use suncreen : 

 As the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive it’s important to apply suncreen every time you step out, as its prone to sun induced hyperpigmentation and skin cancer. 

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