Braun Silk-Epil 7 7681 Wet Dry Epilator Review

This is so far the best Epilator in the market, this tool is handy for the entire body, if you own this you don’t need any other hair removal method, and definitely don’t require to wax anymore. Since most Indian women including me was completely dependent on waxing, now it’s not the case. This product is similar to waxing as it pulls out the hair from the roots, it’s designed to remove hair from the entire body and has different adjustment caps for different body parts, let get started!


Description : This Epilator, can be used in dry as well as wet, designed to remove hair from entire body, contains 6 attachment caps, 1 cleaning brush and a olay wipes. the epilator can remove hair as fine as a grain of sand (0.5 mm) from the root, using the 40 Close-grip tweezers technology, to leave skin smooth for up to four weeks. however it does contain a trimmer and razor. The procedure can be painful initially however once you get use to it, it can be magical tool, as Epilator’s also helps in reducing hair growth. If you have long hair I would recommend it to trimme it first before Epilating the area orelse it can be really painful, I use this product on my hands, legs and underarms, I would not recommend Epilating in your sensitive areas that would be painful and the skin can be pulled in between the tweezers, however, trimmer and razor can be handy. Yes it does removes the tinniest hair, so basically you can go sleevless every single day! Like I said there are 6 attachment caps 


1. Shaver head – The device is more than an epilator. It is also an electric shaver/razor. So, if you don’t want to epilate some body areas, you can shave them. 

2. Trimming comb cap – This cap goes on the shaving head and the epilator becomes an electric trimmer, perfect to trim the hair to prepare it for epilation or just to trim it to keep some areas clean. 

3. Efficiency cap – This cap was designed to touch the skin as close as possible for a faster epilation. It pivots 15 degrees back and forth along your skin. It is not recommended to use it until you’re used with epilating.

4. Facial cap – It is the smallest cap and it can be used only on the face, especially for the upper lip and chin. This cap does not pivot.

5. High frequency massage cap – It has mini rollers on the both sides of the cap, which vibrates and pivots 15 degrees to adapt to the body’s contour for a closer skin contact. It supposes to reduce pain, but most women don’t feel this effect.

6. Sensitive area cap-  It is perfect for sensitive areas, like the armpits, upper lip, bikini line. You should use it for a better control and efficiency, and this is the reason why it doesn’t pivot.

It also contains a smart light to have a better view on your skin, so basically you can use this on your hands, legs, armpits, bikini area, upper lip and chin I’ve been using this product for about 2 years and it’s perfect and I totally love it. 

Price : prices may differ in different websites and stores, do compare prices before purchasing.

Overall experience : this product is magic wand for me, this is definitely my BFF and can be yours too, it gives me complete freedom to wear what I want to, I would definitely recommend others to try this.

FBB ratings : 4.7/5


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