12 summer trends to follow in 2016

  Summers comes with tons of benefits like beach time, ice-cream get together, freedom to wear anything anytime and much more, but how to stay fashionably updated? Let’s check out some latest summer fashions trend inspired from celebrities which you can follow. 

1. Oversized hats :  Nothing can beat the heat with a oversized hat, here Miranda Kerr is seen wearing a summer dress with a beautiful hat, her style statement is always been a inspiration to fashion followers. 


2. Off shoulder crop tops : It all started at the coachella festival, now it’s a fashion necessity, in different occasions model Kendall Jenner has been seen wearing off shoulder tops, and it looks so beautiful.


3. Breezy shift dress : This dress is a staple summer dress and is perfect and super comfortable for those who love to stick around in their comfort zone. 


4. Round eyeglasses :  Fashionista’s are obsessed with round eyeglasses, it is a common trend world wide. It looks so stylish and chic, don’t forget to grab one before you step out.


5. Top nots with bows : spare the sweat with style, make a topknot with a classic bow, it looks super girlie and beautiful.

6. Lacy tops : Most celebrities are seen wearing such white lacy tops, they look so feminine and are definitely breezy.

7. Neon nail paints : Neon nail paints and clothes never go wrong in summers, let those nails pop in the crowd!   
8.Pleated skirts : Katherine Jenkins was seen wearing one, the colour rich and beautiful. Summers would be incomplete without them.  
9.Cutaway dress : Whether short or long, cut away dress looks amazing, can give you a serious comfort in a hot day.    

10.Tie front shirts : Tie fronts was followed in 19’0s and is adopted lately, I believe it looks classic and if you haven’t tried it, you may want to consider it.


11.white Ripped jeans : Let’s break the rule! Blue ripped jeans is a common trend, let’s get that bad girl look with white! White is a Perfect summer colour. 

12. Set of gold bracelets : coachella is taught the world to wear all your wardrobe and yet it looks stylish, wearing such set of gold bracelet or charms definitely makes a style statement.

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