10 habits of a beautiful women 

  To Be beautiful one doesn’t need luxurious facials or spas, one just need some effort and time in our busy schedule, most beautiful women swear that drinking plenty of water is the secret, but there’s a lot more to add to your routine. Let’s have a look at those 10 habits a beautiful women follows religiously, and some of which you need to adopt. 

1. They add anti oxidants in their diet :

  Consuming a diet rich in antioxidants can keep your skin heathy and helps to reduce signs of ageing, food rich in anti oxidants are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, walnut, prunes, cranberries, green tea, green vegetables and garlic. 

2. They Oil their hair :

  Most people unestimate the power of natural oils, you can either use coconut oil, olive, almond oil they work best for hair softening and gets you a smooth frizz free hair, if you feel oil makes you look greasy and messy, apply oil at bedtime, wash it off in the morning, don’t forget to thank me for  gorgeous heathy hair. 

3. Take off days from styling :

  Hair styling has become a popular beauty routine for most women, but everything comes with a price, take off days from heat/styling products and go natural. If your hair is having a bad day opt for pony tails and braids. 

4. Cold water splash :

  Having a cold water splash can depuff that morning face, and lifts and energises instantly, it also helps you to get that glowing pinkish blush around your cheeks. 

5. They hydrate it better :

 Applying a night cream is important, but adding Natural oils to it can work wonders by boosting your hydration in those dry skin days. You can add vitamin E oil, jojoba or olive oil in your night cream to get that glowing face. 

6. They apply makeup with care : 

  They always apply a lightweight oil infused moisturizer, before applying makeup, this helps in keeping your skin heathy, and reduces sideffect of your heavily chemical based makeup products. 

7. Munch on veggies :

 A heathy skin comes with a heathy diet, consume more veggies, salads, fruits and juices for a heathy body and acne, wrinkle free face. 

8. They use only the essentials : 

  Every skin needs are different, it’s important to know your skin and use only the essentials. The lesser the better. skip away all the unnecessary makeup steps and let your skin breathe.

9. Oil face lift : 


Getting a face lift can be expensive, while most of your are dreaming of getting one, but a beautiful women do it at home right away with natural oils, gently massage your face with a vitamin E oil in circular motions for 4-5 minutes. 

10. They Remove makeup before bed : 

  This is so important, you just can’t skip this no matter what, taking those extra minutes for your skin is going to thank you later. 
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