How to loose love handles? 

 There is absolutely no love in love handles. They create a mess when you wear skinny jeans by popping out. and looks sort of ugly. What are love handles? It’s a body fat around waist line and most women face it, whole idea of keeping one fat free or atleast fit, depends completely on greatly diet. No matter how hard your training is, if your not taking care on what’s on your plate it’s going to get you fat some where on your body. Genetics also plays an important role, however I believe only a good will can keep you healthy and fit. How to reduce love handles? If you follow the below tips carefully your going to see results within weeks.  

1. Get good sleep :  

 In today’s world where no one has time, sleeping hours is constantly reducing, but doing so will only have adverse effects on your body. Fat level is also increased  by NOT sleeping, grap that pillow and sleep atleast 7-8 hours for a perfect body. 

2. Eat regularly: 

 according to many doctors and my personl experience it’s important to eat in every 3-4 hours, smaller and frequent meals are digested fasted and boost metabolism, it also helps on keeping your tummy bloat free and flatter. make a target to consume 4 meals a day. Every meal should consist of home made heathy food.

  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch 
  • Evening snacks 
  • Dinner 

3. Don’t skip breakfast: 
 Many people don’t understand the importance of breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day and cannot be skipped!! Morning are busy, but remember your extra efforts can keep you away from extra pounds! 

4. Strength training : 

 Women become muscular when they lift weight! Is that so? I’m I muscular? Yes I lift and you can look at my OOTD I’m more confident and feel stronger, please don’t believe in such myths, weight training helps to make a women strong and sexy. It also helps to reduce fat on the target area. It’s very important to add weight training in your daily gym routine atleast 3-4 days a week. 

5. Cardio :  

 Cardio helps to reduce overall body fat, also helps in reducing those love handles, grab your headsets and go running, for best results, do a 30min cardio every other day.

6. Eat clean :  

No matter what you do, if you’re not eating cleaning everything is a waste of time, limit yourself’s for cheat meals only once a week, rest of the day’s munch on fruits and vegetables. 

7. No to sugar : 

  This is the ultimate reason for all your problems, keep your sugary stuff for Saturday’s cheat meal plan, rest of the days go sugar free, if your can’t skip sugar in coffee/tea reduce it gradually. 

8. Reduce alcohol : drinker and party lover? Keep your parties occasionally, your body needs sleep to work efficiently, regular intake of alcohol can gift you a big bulky tummy, you can either reduce your alcohol gradually or keep it only for occasions. 

Apart from this, Follow these exercises to reduce love handles (every excercise needs to be done 3-4 times in 15 repition)

Russian twist : 


Wood chop :  

Bicycle crunch :  

Side plank hip lifts :  

 Standing side crunch :  This excercise can also be performed with a light rod. 
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