10 beauty mistakes you didn’t know you were making 

Every day schedule involves beauty regime, even a minor change in your makeup can bring a huge positive result or like wise a negative result. To master the art of makeup one should have atleast basic knowledge or know the do’s and dont’s of makeup. Below are the most common beauty mistakes which you did not know you were making. 

1. Wearing lip liner all wrong : Most women use lip liners to to keep their lipsticks from bleeding. Many of them end up looking too harsh on lips as the lip liners is too dark, visible. However when you apply a lip liner it’s important to blend it well then apply a lipstick of the similar shade. 


2. Fake eyelashes : beauty means ones natural beauty, wearing extra large fake lashes can causing eye irration and hygiene issues. Instead wearing a mascara looks beautiful and more realistic.


 3. Too much of bronzer : applying bronzer all over the face or incorrectly can create a mess, to do it correctly one should apply a bronzer which is only 2-3 shade darker than your original skin tone. Bronzer needs to be applied only on areas like forehead, cheek bones and jawline. Only on the edges of your face.  


4. Tacky lipsticks : choosing the right shade is important, if you opt a darker shade for the day it’s very important to keep the rest of the makeup as neutral as you can, wearing a dark lipstick with smokey eyes can make you appear too loud in the crowd.    
5. Harsh eyeliner : eyeliner are going to be harsh if your not blending it, it’s important to use a blending brush to give it a more natural and subtle look, you surely don’t want to look like you applied a marker to your eyes. Liquid liners can be used only on the upper eye lid to draw that perfect wink, however using it on the lower lash line won’t do justice to your eyes.   

6. Concealer mistakes : It’s not just for covering blemishes and under-eye circles, applying a concealer brightens your face and pops that blush on your face. Every color has a different job. A green-toned concealer cancels out red (pimples and blemishes). Use it for your first layer and then finish with a concealer that matches your skin tone. Yellow-toned concealers are best for evening out your skin tone (larger areas). peach-toned concealer is best for under-eye circles because it cancels out blue shadows. 


7. Too much perfume : one spray is just enough, however most people don’t realise as they get use to it as they apply it regularly, however applying lot of cologne/perfume can be turnoff for others around you, as it may cause headache and allergic reactions. Prefer perfumes which are mild or gentle to nose or even a body mist can do a good job. If your not sure if your wearing too much, simply ask a trusted friend. 

8. Sleeping on your face : every person has different comfort zone but did you ever realise that your cozy comfort zone can cause you wrinkles? Yes!! Sleeping on your face can cause wrinkles on your face, likewise sleeping on side can cause wrinkles on face as well as chest. This can be really tricky for someone who has been sleeping like this for years, but remember this change is only for good. 

9. obsession with waterproof mascara : a water proof mascara is only for days you want to look good all day long, many make it a every day routine. What happens when you apply waterproof mascara? It’s difficult to remove it! You need a harsher chemical based makeup remover and extra care to remove it. Which can take a serious troll on your eye lashes, as they may slowly wither away. Wearing a regular mascara on special days can help you save your lashes and keep you away from eye problems.   
10. Go matte : lately shimmer is all gone and is not been used so frequently. Matte is the new king, I’m very selective with makeup trends but this one is my current favourite, as I have oily skin matte makeup products like matte blush, matte eye shadow, matte lipstick took my makeup experience to the next level. As shimmer on oily skin looks too oily, opting for matte makeup products would be a good Decision. 
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