Patanjali colour protection hair conditioner 

  Description : This is colour protection conditioner, as I have coloured hair had to buy this. This is a herbal conditioner and contains fewer chemicals and Indian herbs. What I really enjoy about patanjali is combination of nature and beauty. My favourite ingredients in this conditioner is aloe Vera, Shea butter, sunflower oil and vitamin E. As mostly all coloured hair needs intense moisturization these ingredients go perfectly with my hair type. 
Price : Rs 60/- 100gm 

What the product claims : it’s useful in dryness and fullness of hair. It provides conditioning to dry and damaged hair, promotes hair growth, and makes hair heathy and strong. 


Pros : 

  • Provides intense moisturization 
  • Protects my hair colour 
  • Gives me a healthy shine 
  • Makes hair quality heathier 
  • Did manage to make my hair straight it was curly prior! 
  • Thick creamy texture 
  • Extreme value for money! 
  • Travel friendly packaging 
  • Available commonly 

Overall experience : I really enjoy using this conditioner! This is perfect for people who have coloured hair and now opting product with natural ingredients. I don’t think a conditioner can promote hair growth as the product claims, I believe only good diet and heathy lifestyle can promote hair growth. however it does make my hair softer, shiner and much more heathier. 

FBB ratings : 4.5/5


<!– Shelja Francis –>

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