15 Creative Things to do on a hot boring day! 

I was wondering how to spend free time? Summer are already in and many of you may get summer break from school, college or work, or may it’s just another break from your daily schedule. Here’s a list of interesting useful things to do when you’re free. Add few of them in your bucket list! 

1. Recycle : 

Bored of your clothes? why not recycle them. There are plenty of DIY projects to try on clothes like tranforming your old jeans into a brand new ripped jeans. Acid wash your old jeans/shirt, cutting a t-shirt into a brand new gym vest, or printing your t-shirt like this one.

2. Making beauty products at home :

This is another interesting way to keep oneself busy on a empty boring day. There are tons of easy recipes on Google to try from. Like making a lipgloss, or a body butter etc. 

3. DIY phone cover :

omg this one is my favourite, this is such a delight to the soul, there are tons of easy DIY to try at home of course Google is the centre of  the universe.

4. Bedroom transformation : 

  why not try a unique bedroom transformation, change your bed linens or hang some cool pictures, or decorate your room with some lights, pillows or may be even paint a wall. 

5. Gardening : 

It all depends on your likes and dislikes but if you love nature this may be a good idea to spend your day. Plant few seeds or paint a few plant pots to transform your gardening experience.

6. Nail art : 

Most girls enjoy nail art but it’s really time consuming and never really get a chance due to our busy lifestyle. pick your favourite nail art and start creating it 

7. Cooking :

pick your dream food to cook. for example mine is churro’s, find a yummy recipe and create it. It will definitely boost your mood and pamper your taste buds.

8. Cleaning : 

This can be boring for lazy womens out there but is definitely good for you and your house 

9. Groom your pet :

Trim his hair, give him a shower, take him for a walk, brushing etc or clean your fish tank. depends on which pet you have. 

10. Re-organise your wardrobe : 

This can be really interesting, you’l end up finding your old clothes and have a better information of the clothes you have. 

11. Meditate/excercise :


There are many ways to meditate like reading your holy book, praying, doing yoga etc. You can also try home workout to feel better. 

12. Find your old pictures : 

  Find all your childhood pictures and make a photo album or a scrap book. It’s beautiful, relaxing for most people to look at their childhood pictures. 

13. Fruit Popsicles : 

  Nothing is better than a home made healthy fruit ice pops. Go ahaead and beat that heat with some heathy fruit pops. 

14. Detoxifying face mask : 

  Try a DIY detoxifying face mask, it’s perfect for summers and can give a instant skin rejuvenation session at home. 

15. Throw a party : 

  just can’t understand anything? throw a party meet all your old friends sit back and let them entertain you for hours! Time flies when old friends meet up. 

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