How to reduce stretch marks 


There is no proven way to remove stretch marks completely however it can be reduced. Remember and each and every women owns it! That’s the fact. It may be embarrassing for most women but that’s a completely natural process, there’s nothing you should be ashamed of, every women is beautiful in her own way. However there are several ways one can prevent it or reduce its appearance over time. 

How do stretch mark occur: Stretch marks occur when the dermis, the middle layer of your skin, is stretched to a point where its elasticity begins to break down. This then causes microscopic bleeding along with tissue inflammation, which gives us that reddish purple look of newly formed stretch marks. In most cases women who are pregnant, weight lifters, puberty are often causes of stretch marks

Stretch marks are classified into two categories rubra and alba, at first when a stretch mark appears it’s pinkish or purplish color it’s called rubra, later when they turn white it’s called as alba. Genetics also play a important role some people may be prone to stretch marks while the other side some may not. 

How to reduce stretch marks?

1. Treat them early : when the stretch mark is in alba stage there’s nothing much you could do about it, however if the strech mark is new you can use retinol cream or vitamin – A oil daily. 

2. Pregnancy safe ingredients : If your pregnant retinol may not be safe for usage, you can opt for vit-C and peptides as both stimulate collagen

3. Prevent them

This can be really helpful for pregnant women as it’s important to moisturise the skin right from the start, right after you know your pregnant, it may sound insane but it works for most people. apply a good stretch mark control cream/oil on areas prone to stretch mark like breast, hips, stomach, thighs daily to have a stretch mark free pregnancy. 

4. Massaging : 

 Many doctors believe regular oil massaging can also help. massage will help to break down the scar tissues that has accumulated and also increase blood circulation, which will help reduce the look of stretch marks.

5. Exfoliate : 

As exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells it’s really a good way to get rid of stretch marks, daily exfoliation is advisable for quick results. 

6. Moisturization :

 There are many natural ingredients to use, some of the best natural moisturisers include olive oil, castor oil, cocoa butter and aloe Vera use twice daily for desired results 

7. Water : 

water is the ultimate solution for most problems, drinking water helps to restore skin elasticity and makes it supple.

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