W2 strawberry face wash 


Description : this is a face wash for people who love fruity face washes, this smells sweet and just like stawberry. It’s a slightly runny face wash, however it lathers well and gives me a clean and fresh appearance after use. I don’t really believe on the company claims of skin whitening, improvement in skin elasticity, that’s a bit of a exaggeration. However it’s a decent face wash to use. The color of the product is tansculent. 

Price : Rs 110/- 100gm 


Pros : 

  • Smells like strawberry 
  • Lathers well 
  • Affordable 
  • Makes me feel fresh and clean 
  • Anti bacterial 
  • Prevents acne 
  • Perfect for oily skin 
  • Not too harsh on the skin 
  • Tones skin
  • Available online 

Cons : 

  • Not available commonly 

Overall experience : it’s a good face wash for a change. Perfect for strawberry lovers. It has a Beautiful mild fragrance. I like this face wash. But the packaging is slightly creepy for me, I feel it could have been better. 

FBB rating : 3.5/5


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