Hair color trends to follow in 2016

Keep scrolling to checkout hair color trend to follow in 2016. With some heart whelming colour inspiration from few really talented hair colour stylist around the world next time you visit a salon don’t forget to take a screenshot! 

1. BALAYAGE : Balayage is a freehand technique in which the hair stylist apply color in sections of hair. It is hand painted, which results in fatter, symmetrical highlights resulting in more casual, natural, beachy look. 

  Brunette hair with blonde Balyage. 
  Light blonde Balyage ombré 


2. OMBRÉ HAIR : Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft till the ends.



3. SOMBRÈ : It’s derived from ombré however sombrè is more softer and subtle, according to stylists it’s the most wanted hair trend to follow. 



4. BABY LIGHTS : it’s similar to highlights, in highlights the sections of hair is thick and easily noticeable howerver in baby lights is more finer, which gives that beautiful natural look. 



5. PICKABOO : the name says it all, here the colour is applied on the second layer of hair and pops out radomly.



6. DIP DYE : The word already explains the meaning, in this hair colour, the hair is coloured in way which looks like it’s dipped in dye, only the ends are coloured mostly more vibrant colours like, pink, purple, turquoise are used. 



7. RONZE : the mixture of copper red and bronze brown which gives birth to this beautiful colour called ronze. It works well with every skin tone. 



8. OPAL HAIR : Opal hair colour is the newest color trend inspired from the sea. It’s similar to mermaid colours. Opal hair includes pink, blue and purples.



9. BLUE TINTS : this colour is usually well suited on dark black hair as it blends well with black. Only a few strands of hair is coloured blue to get you that blue tinted look. 


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