Patanjali damage control hair conditioner 

Conditioner is a important part when you shampoo your hair, and it shouldn’t be skipped, as I have damaged hair I wanted to make them softer and frizz free as they desperately needed some nourishment, let’s give this product a quality check! 

Description : This conditioner is for damaged hair, it’s made from aloe Vera juice, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil etc, these were my favourite ingredients. What I really love about this product is, it actually makes my hair softer, shiner and healthier. With so many herbal ingredients there is no doubt it wouldnt control damaged hair! It has a beautiful fragrance, it is a thick creamy conditioner which is white in colour. The best part it’s Ayurvedic and made from nature.


Price : Rs 60/- 100gm

( Tip : gently squeeze out the water before applying your conditioner so that the product stays on your hair and doesn’t drip out with water, avoid applying conditioner on your roots, conditioner is meant for your hair especially hair ends

Packaging : I like the packaging, it’s sleek white and its travel friendly. 

Pros : 

  • Makes my hair softer 
  • My hair is frizz free and shiner 
  • Perfect for girls who have dry, damaged hair 
  • Leaves a mild fragrance 
  • Made from natural products 
  • Protects damaged hair 
  • Affordable 
  • Travel friendly 
  • Available commonly 

Cons : 

  • None 

Overall experience : I’m truly in love with this conditioner, this is a must have product, if you have rough, dry damaged hair this could be the ultimate solution. I’m very impressed with this conditioner. It brought a huge difference in my hair quality. I totally love this! 

FBB ratings : 5/5


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