How to apply winged eye liner 

Winged eye liners are always in trend, and looks beautiful in most eye shape. I always prefer the winged look and apply it every single day before I step out of my house! It looks dramatic and bold. It takes hardly 2-3 minutes for me. For people who don’t know to apply winged eye liner I would say practice is the key. Apply it everyday and one day you can master it. However, the tips given below will help you to learn it quickly. 

Things you need:

  • Any kajal, (I’m using maybelline colossal super black)
  • Wet eyeliner (Lakme eyeliner)


Step one :Apply kajal on your upper eye lid stretching the eye slightly if your kajal is light apply 2 coats of it, now apply on your water line and outside area. 

Step two : stay calm and focused and with the help of the wet eye liner make a small stroke, once you’re satisfied with the stroke of your wink you can re-do it and make it thicker or longer. 

Final result :   

 Hope this article helps you to achieve dramatic winged eyes!! 


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