10 Hairstyles to try this summer! 

Hair plays an important role women’s beauty, ones beauty depends a lot on haircut! It’s important to choose wisely. Summers are in, as I have long hair I was researching on few hairstyles I could try to save myself for that summer heat. Thanks to tons of hairstylist around the world I could collect few really awesome hairstyle ideas. Checkout the following 10 hairstyle to try this summer! 

1. The HEAD BAND  this is a cute hairstyle, to keep all the hair away from the face. It’s just a regular braid made from one side of the face. 

2. DOUBLE DUTCH BRAID :   Make a middle partition, make a three way braid by adding in sections of hair as you go down, then make a regular braid till the end of the hair, secure it with a rubber band. Repeat the same on the other side. 

3. THE BOHOMIAN HALF BUN :  This is super easy and takes hardly 5min, just pull half of your hair above your ears make a small messy bun, secure it with some bobby pins or a rubber band. 



5. UNDER CUT :  This is perfect for women with long and thick hair, a bun would be perfect to flaunt that perfect fresh undercut! 

6. BOB : 
 This is so perfect for summers! Girls who can’t take long hair should definitely consider this hairstyle! So cute and glamorous. 

 Another perfect hairdo for summers. It’s a  Regular 3 strand braid. Here gradually you add in section of hair till you reach the end and secure it with a rubber band. 

8. BUN WITH A UPSIDE DOWN BRAID : Bored with regular bun? Try this! This is so unique and easy. You can either leave it on a cute pony tail or a bun.

9. BUN WITH SCARF : This is so useful hairstyle and looks so chic on a hot summer day. Just a regular bun with a colourful scarf.



 Images sources : Pinterest, Instagram 


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