7 side effects of today’s lifestyle 


Women from every part of the world are concious about their looks and don’t mind getting caked every single day, right before they step out of the house. May be it’s become a trend to look picture perfect! So we make sure that the hair, nails, makeup is up to date before we make a public appearance, celebrities and social networking has influenced a lot in this. However many of our daily routines comes with a price, a side effect let’s have a look . Read below the top 7 harmful side effects of today’s lifestyle! 

1. Cancer : This is one of the most life threatening side effects. Although there are several improvements being made by the cosmetic (makeup) companies, as many are opting for natural ingredients to ensure its friendly on the skin however there are certain chemicals which can help in stimulate cancer cells and cause life threateing illness to the user.

2. Ageing :

  yes this can be a night mare! Ageing is the most common side effect of heavy makeup. All the makeup and moisturizers actually do some damage to your skin and with prolonged use wrinkles and other signs of ageing may be visible. 

3. Eye damage : 

 eye makeup products like mascara, kajal, eye shadow etc can cause eye infections, thinning of eye lashes or in some cases blindness, using heavy eye makeup only occasionally can be a good solution. 

4. Damaged Hair :

Damaged hair can be caused by excessive styling, usage of heat tools on the hair like straightener, curler, blow dryer. Hair colouring can also cause respiratory issues and dull frizzy hair. The use of hair sprays can also be dangerous with sources suggesting that long term usage may result in scalp skin damage and permanent discoloration of hair color. Best way to cure it would be using herbal shampoo and conditioner, allowing your hair to dry naturally and to avoid any serum and hair sprays.

5. Nail damage :  


Nail polish, Nail extensions, manicures and pedicures all seem very hygienic but are actually damaging to nails if done very regularly or frequently. The quality of nails decreases as they become fragile. The nails can loose it’s natural pink colour and can look pale. However many researchers believe manicure/pedicure are useless and may cause harm as they believe that the body can shed dead cells and skin all by itself and you don’t need to scrape it off also there are also many hygiene concerns. Next time you step into a salon you may want to think before a manicure! 

6. Lung diseases :


chemicals used in the cosmetics often when breathed-in damage the tissues of the lungs thereby causing certain lung diseases. Most of the people know nothing about this and trust these products blindly. 

7. Damaged lips :

  lipsticks contain a metal called lead, which can cause learning language and behavioural problems and darkened lips. Lead can be dangerous for a person even at small dosage. Women apply lipstick from a number of 2-14 times a day which means ingesting a lot of lead and other chemicals which can cause Health issues. Most lipsticks contains lead, but Not all opt for brands with natural ingredients to avoid  side effects and Health problems.

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